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We produce, store and deliver our grapes fresh so that the whole world can enjoy their unique taste.
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We deliver grapes in 5 or 8 kg cans to your warehouse in record time
​​We deliver in recycled cardboard packaging because we care and want to save as many trees as possible


About Us


In 1998, the first vineyard of Moldova was planted on the vineyards in the village of Mileștii-Mici, by a family of 2 parents and 2 children, one was 10 years old and the other 6 years old at the time.

After 21 years of work, the Cooperative “Ved-Mar Agro” has grown with 45 hectares of vines and 5 new members.

We are a family business and we believe in the power of Work done with love and the care of the land.

Our grapes proudly bear the name Frudova and each cluster has our soul in it.

We believe that people all over the world deserve to eat fresh grapes grown here. That’s why we’ve built a cold store and packing house that allows us to pack and keep our grapes fresh long enough to reach our customers’ tables.

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Address: Mihai Eminescu 69,
Milestii Mici, Ialoveni ,Republica

Tel/Whatsapp: +37368693987



Mihai Eminescu 69,
Milestii Mici, Ialoveni ,Republica